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 8 Signs that Your Residential Garage Door Needs a Repair Service

Garage Door Repair Services in Tampa Florida

Even with the best garage door installation for your home, occasional problems are bound to occur. Did you know that the average garage door opens and closes more than 1500 times a year? 

With such frequent use, it is normal for your garage door to need occasional repairs. However, most homeowners struggle with knowing when to call for a garage door repair service.  

By delaying your garage repairs, you will end up spending more money on worse repairs or even be forced to replace the entire garage door altogether. Luckily, some signs will let you know that it’s time for a garage door repair service. Let’s discuss them below. 

1. Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close 

What better way to spot a malfunctioning garage door than its failure to open or close?  While it may sound simple on the surface, finding the root cause of a garage door that won’t move is quite a sport. 

Normally, a stuck garage door could be due to:  

  • The power source not active or functioning 
  • A bad connection between the door and its control panel 
  • Garage door opener remote needing new batteries 
  • Loose cables 
  • Incorrect settings, e.g., limit settings 
  • A blockage of the door’s operation 

Whereas you can diagnose and solve some cases (e.g., a dead battery) by yourself, other severe issues will require professional expertise and tools to get your garage door moving again. 

2. Your Garage Door Takes More Time to Respond 

If you press your garage door opener remote and the door takes more than two or three seconds to respond, it’s probably time for a repair.  

Garage doors are run by a series of pulleys, sensors, tracks, and springs. If any of these systems stop functioning effectively, the garage door will either open very slowly or stall upwards/downwards. 

Occasionally, slight lubrication and adjusting the speed’s settings can solve the issue. However, in most cases, the problem is always serious and requires a professional touch. 

Your garage door may be experiencing delays due to:  

  • Broken hinges 
  • Misaligned door 
  • Snapped cables 

These repairs are always too complex to do yourself and could result in more damage and injuries if attempted.  

garage door opener repair in Sarasota Florida

garage door opener repair in Sarasota Florida

3. Your Garage Door Produces Unusual Noise 

It’s common for an old garage door to make a lot of noise when operating. However, when it’s making these unusual noises, it’s time to call for a professional garage door repair service. 

  • Squealing: Your garage door is probably out of balance 
  • Rumbling: There are loose springs  
  • Grinding: Your door is not properly lubricated  
  • Rattling: There are loose chains 
  • Banging: The door panels have some defects 
  • Straining: The garage door opener is defective or lacks enough horsepower 
  • Grating: The coils are bent. 

4. Your Garage Door Is Off the Tracks 

A garage door operates by moving up and down the tracks using rollers. Usually, as the garage door ages, it can become dislodged from its tracks, making it impossible to open and close effectively.  

A garage door can also be removed off its tracks due to external damage. When this occurs, call a professional to inspect the root cause and replace any critical parts if necessary to ensure your garage door functions effectively. 

5. Saves Time 

A garage door professional works faster on the job. This is because they have the expertise, experience, and correct tools for efficient work.  

The professional will not waste time consulting other people or watching videos to see how the job is done as they have probably done similar jobs before. They know how to do the job efficiently. 

Signs that Your Residential Garage Door Needs a Repair Service

Signs that Your Residential Garage Door Needs a Repair Service

6. Your Garage Door Panels Are Damaged or Broken 

A broken or damaged garage door or door panel can be an eyesore if not repaired in good time. Besides, it poses security concerns and allows the escape of cooling and heating from your home, making you incur higher electricity costs. 

If your garage door is torn, dented, or broken, failing to repair it makes it deteriorate further. Your garage door’s functionality will be compromised if you don’t act fast.  

Choosing to repair or replace your garage door can be a tough decision in this case, but you will have to make up your mind sooner either way if you want your garage door to still function effectively.  

7. Your Garage Door Vibrates During Operation 

Your garage door will begin shaking while moving if its tracks are dirty, obstructed, or warped. Excessive vibration usually results from worn-out parts in the lifting system.  

If your garage door’s vibration problem is not tackled, more severe issues may arise, e.g., the door unexpectedly shutting down and not closing. 

8. Your Garage Door Opens To Only a Certain Extent Then Reverts 

Most automatic garage doors have sensors that detect the presence of anything that may block their way. While this may be a reason for your door randomly posing in its motion, it may also be due to tension in the door’s springs.  

If the garage door only opens or closes to a certain level then reverts, it’s probably due to a faulty or broken extension spring cable or worn-out extension spring pulleys. Therefore, it is important to call a professional technician to inspect it right away. 

Call a Garage Door Expert for Help  

A garage door is a huge investment, and you want it to operate effectively and give you long years of service. If you notice any of the 8 warning signs discussed in this article, it is time to call for a professional garage door repair service.  

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