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Garage Door Openers – Everything You Need to Know

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Is your garage door making weird noises or struggling to work? When your garage starts having problems, it’s stressful and sometimes hard to know where to even start. That’s why it’s important to become familiar with the parts and types of garage door openers.  

Knowing the types of garage door openers and their parts will allow you to make the best choice for your home. Having some knowledge of the critical parts of an opener will help you better asses if your garage door poses a danger or just needs routine maintenance.  

We’ll be reviewing everything you need to know about garage door openers so that you can be better prepared to make the right purchase and know when it needs immediate repair.  

Types of Garage Door Openers  

You’d be surprised with the variety of garage door openers these days, from smart openers to traditional chain drives, you’ll find many to choose from. That’s why it’s important to know all the options available and the differences between them.  

Chain Drive 

The most common type of garage door opener is a chain drive. This drive uses a metal chain to open and close the garage door and has a higher tensile strength than a belt drive. Although chain drives are the most affordable and are very reliable, they are also very noisy and missing a lot of the technology you’ll find in more advanced openers. Chain drives are also slower than belt drives and require a little more maintenance with lubrication. 

Belt Drive 

The belt drive garage door opener functions with a rubber belt that goes the length of the rail. The belt drive works like a chain drive opener. But, because there is no jumping of the garage door, and no metal-on-metal squeaking so it’s much smoother and quieter than a chain drive. 

One of the advantages of a belt drive system is that they lift and raise the garage door in a very smooth manner. Because the belt moves without any rough vibrations, the door does not feel the effects of rough motion from the door, swaying, or strong shaking like a chain drive does.  

Screw Drive 

Screw drive garage door openers are best for lightweight or single-car garage doors. What separates this type of drive compared to others is the fast speed it produces and the lack of maintenance it needs. Since there are no gears, the doors open smoother and requires very little maintenance if at all.  On the downside, the screw and gears can wear down quickly with heavier doors and constant use.  

Parts of a Garage Openers 

Garage Door 

The Garage Door opens along tracks and folds up into the ceiling using separate panels that tightly seal when the door is closed but fold when the door is opened.  

The Track System  

The parts of the garage door that work together to do the heavy lifting make up the track system. Each track consists of these fundamental parts: 

  • Two brackets at the bottom door corners, housing the rollers. The rollers attach to cables, letting the door move up and down. The brackets should be solidly steady, and the rollers should move freely. 
  • At the top, the cable drum winds the cables when the door opens. The cables should be in good shape and never look worn or split. 
  • The cable drum is attached to the torsion spring, which is mounted above the door  
  • The hanger track fastens to the wall and runs back along the ceiling until the rear hanger track. The hanger track creates a safe way for the rollers to move the door up and down.  
  • The rear hanger track attaches to the ceiling and stops the door’s movement. This is a sturdy piece, and once attached, it should never look loose. 


Garage Doors Openers

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Garage doors use heavy-duty springs to function. Most garage door producers use torsion springs to do the heavy lifting. Below are the different types of garage door springs and other information to help you make the right decision. 

Galvanized Torsion Springs 

Galvanized garage door springs is they have long cycle lives and can wind and unwind tens of thousands of times without breaking. Galvanized springs, typically cost much less than other springs. 

The negative aspect is that they quickly weaken to the point where they can no longer lift the door. Within 90 days, galvanized springs may need to be adjusted or fastened as they relax and wear out quickly, and may create unnecessary and costly repairs if not maintained properly. Recommended for temporary and inexpensive garage door spring replacement. Requires Heavy Maintenance. 

Extension Springs 

These springs are located on either side of the garage door, vertical to it. They act as a large steel rubber band that expands as the garage door is closed and contracts as it is opened. 

Garage door’s springs are one of the topmost important and dangerous parts of your door. It’s important to keep track of the condition of the Springs to make sure they don’t wear out since it can lead to serious injury or damage if they do break. 

If your garage door is more than 2 years old, then you should have your springs examined by a professional technician and replaced if it needs to be done. The type of spring and sizes should be determined by a trained professional. 

The cables that attach the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of the door should be inspected often. If the springs are worn, they are in danger of breaking, which can cause serious injury or damage.  

High spring tension can also pose a big danger, that’s why these cables should only be replaced by a trained technician. Installing or repairing a garage door can be very dangerous and is not recommended for a beginner.  

Attempting to install garage door cables or springs without proper training could be hazardous. That’s why you’ll want a professional service like MyHome Garage Doors to take care of all the hassle and keep you and your family safe. MyHome Garage Doors specializes in Garage Doors Repair and replacements with expert technicians that have years of experience so you can feel confident the job will be done right. Learn more at MyHomeGarageDoors.com.    

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